Applications Open for Food Design in France, Summer 2013

Applications Open for Food Design in France, Summer 2013

Delight. Harmony. Systems. Taste. Pleasure. Pain. Object. Environment. The growing field of food design is host to a cornucopia of interpretations and interventions. From cooking to culture-making, come spend 9 delicious days this July exploring the growing field of food design in the idyllic French countryside. Applications are open now.

Taking place in Reims, the French capital of champagne, the program will be hosted in the kitchens of l’Ecole Superieure d’Art et Design, home to the first culinary design program in the world. Emphasizing a maker-driven, cooking-centric approach, the program will reveal new perspectives unto the ways that we engage, share and identify with our food.

Under the direction of Marc Bretillot, founder of the Food Design program at l’ESAD, and SVA Products of Design faculty member Emilie Baltz, artist and food designer, the program is based on the understanding that food is our most fundamental form of consumption. In recent years, we have seen a growing awareness around the quality of the food we ingest, as well as the industrial means surrounding our most basic foodstuffs. With the rapidly expanding reach of the design industry, designers are now, more than ever, uniquely situated to explore and affect this complex system. Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of the principals of food design, as well as its resonance in both individual and cultural experience.

Using materials, gestures, forms and interactions, participants will investigate the role ingredients, taste, shape and service play within food design. Throughout the workshop daily critiques and performances will be held to emphasize the authentic development of personal “taste.” Students will likewise be challenged to consider the full sensory experience of their work and its ethical, aesthetic, historical and political implications. A professional chef will be on-hand to assist participants with technical needs. In addition, visits and tastings at neighboring distilleries, vineyards, local farms and food producers will be an essential component of revealing the complex, and delightful, space in which food design exists.

Located 45 minutes from Paris on high-speed train, the city of Reims is one of the cultural centers of France. Home to incredible cathedrals, parks, festivals and restaurants, participants will be housed in centrally located apartment-style housing with full service amenities and will have their choice of dinners at a rotating series of local restaurants.