Critter Bitters: Insect-Based Cocktails from Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops

Critter Bitters: Insect-Based Cocktails from Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops



Critter Bitters are handcrafted cocktail bitters made with toasted crickets. There are four flavors in the product line: vanilla cricket, cacao cricket, toasted almond cricket, and for the most adventurous — pure cricket. Each flavor yields a unique, multifaceted taste profile and can be readily mixed into cocktails or consumed with soda water. The corresponding coasters serve to elevate bitters from a hidden cocktail ingredient to the piece de resistance.


The The UN FAO 2013 Report titled “Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security” inspired designers Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin to find a way to introduce insects to American culture.

The report cited a need to overcome “the disgust factor” in order for western society to willingly consume insects.With the insight that distillation, fermentation, and mixology are among the most creative industries and people are naturally more open-minded and experimental when they are drinking, it seemed most natural to normalize entomophagy through alcohol.



From scorpion vodka to cochineal made from beetles to mezcal with a worm, there is a precedent for insects in alcohol. Critter Bitters is a nod to an age-old tradition and a leap into the future.