The heart of the program is the mastering of three fields crucial to the future of design: Making, Structures, and Narratives.


Shorter, more intensive courses, mixed with a "no grades" policy translates into maximum risk and an optimized use of time, attention, and resources.


Making grounds design and designers. In the Making track, students investigate multiple dimensions of physical design practice, its processes, and the tools that inform it. In Making, we deepen the connection to craft and the materials, tools, manufacturing processes,  and energy flows that underwrite it. We ground making in both the personal delight of the maker and the commercial, production, brand, and experiential possibilities that guide it.

Located on steps away from Products of Design is the new Visible Futures Lab. PoD students have priority access to the VFL; mix of a woodworking and machine shop, a rapid prototyping lab, an electronics lab, sewing & soft lab and gallery all in one space. The VLF is a state-of-the-art Maker Space featuring the latest tools for digital fabrication (see complete list of equipment here).

Structures inform practice. In the Structures track, students are immersed in the information and business structures that make effective design possible: research, systems thinking, strategy, user experience and interaction/information design. The Structures track gives students a capacity to put design in experiential, social, business and economic contexts.

Design demands stories. At every step, the story of the design and its animating ideas must be made compelling through drawing, graphic representation, videography, history, writing, and point of view. In the Narratives track, students explore the storytelling dimension of design necessary throughout the design process—from idea to market.