Music Box Portrait

Stand-alone, static objects might be difficult to comprehend, so as a designer I often employ artifacts–such as cranks or cell phone cases–that invite the user to engage with the object. For this project, Music Box Portrait, I made a playful photo-taking apparatus to elicit genuine emotional responses from my subjects. There’s something about waiting for the pencil to strike the shutter that alleviates the awkward tension of getting your picture taken. This design takes the shape of a 3D printed camera housing that plays music (in this case, “Hey Jude”), and eventually takes a picture when the user turns the crank. I left the gears exposed so that they become part of the visual experience.

This particular iteration, “Version 2.0 ” is comprised of 3D printed ABS, laser cut acrylic, metal bolts, washers, lock nuts, and a music box that I purchased online. I’ve outfitted the design to work with a disposable camera.

–Clay Kippen, Class of 2014