Nom: A Digital Boost for Amateur Cooks

For Carla Diana’s Smart Objects course, Products of Design student Gaïa Orain and SVA IxD students Tyler Davidson and Shelly Ni examined the North American aversion to home cooking. “How might we help cooks new to the kitchen, or to a recipe, feel less intimidated and overwhelmed?” wondered Orain, a culinary arts graduate (who, along with Ni, is co-creator of Nautilus, an award-winning bowl for the elderly).

Their solution was NOM, a kitchen projection system that guides cooks through new recipes, kitchen skills, and meal logistics. Meal planning, grocery ordering and streaming instructional video are all orchestrated by touch from the chef’s illuminated dashboard.

Next steps for the NOM team include Kinect prototyping, projecting onto food, and exploring the form factor of the projector itself.