PoD Studio Desk Hacks: The First Designs Are In!

PoD Studio Desk Hacks: The First Designs Are In!

The desks of the MFA Products of Design Program were designed with aluminum extrusions running their length (to accommodate magazines, books, and sheet stock) as well as a 1 1/4″ pipe (to, well, you’ll see). Students are invited to customize their desks, and in only the first two days of the new semester a couple of very inspiring designs have appeared.

First-year student Miguel Olivares has erected a simple design, laddering up with a modest, narrow bookshelf, based with a bit of greenery:



Second-year student Richard Clarkson ups the ante with a magnetized bit of a magic trick, storing tools, binders, and a soon-to-be “green roof” with wheat grass to come. The gauntlet’s been thrown down! (We’ll update this post as other innovations appear in the studio.






Damon Ahola’s simple and effective 2-tier shelf below uses similar hardware. No tricks.