Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling

Nailed IT! by Matthew Barber and Charlotta Hellichius playfully explores the aural frustrations of city life, with star David Thonis finding succor in Barber’s speculative design object.

This was the winner of the first Products of Design “Oscars” competition, held in celebration of Michael Chung’s five-week course in Video Storytelling. Photos of the night can be found here.

Video is a powerful, immersive, and easily-disseminated means of articulating the products of design. Students teamed up for sessions in observation, ideation, script-writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing. The medium revealed itself as both a design problem-solving method and a playground for narrative ideas.

Stir Together, by Rona Binay and Emi Yasaka, showcases a quiet but profound interaction prompted by Binay’s Tea Together Table.

In Live the Game, by David Thonis and Clay Kippen, a golden object seduces an insomniac gamer to take his obsessive quest into daylight.

After public space interactions, humor was a popular theme of the evening. Tambourine Dream, by Mansi Gupta and Samantha Moore, stars Joseph Weissgold using Moore’s The Thighbraphone to shimmy his way to stardom.

Woomba by Willy Chan and Gaïa Orain takes us into a world where couples of any kind can employ an auxiliary womb, allowing the male to carry. Chan got special acting honors for his role as expectant father to Charlotta Hellichius’ supportive partner.

Roc, by Damon Ahola and Joseph Weissgold, features the product solution to an energetic kid obsessed with mischief.

Two of the final entries featured highly speculative objects staged in sweetly absurd realities. Space Cave Groove, by Zena Verda Pesta and Kathryn McElroy, imagined beatboxer Adam Matta as custodian of a fabulous portal back to the Eighties.

And finally, in God’s Toys, Richard Clarkson and Cassandra Michel posit what life might be like for earth’s inhabitants if the “prime mover” got hold of Clarkson’s rumbling, fluffy nightlight, the Cloud.