This year, the students of the MFA Products of Design took home 3 different honors in this year's Core77 Design Awards! The recognized work spanned multiple categories—from Interaction Design and Service Design to Furniture and Lighting. Check them out below, and click to see the complete projects on Core77!


Ounce. Denim Supply

Project Team: Natsuki Hayashi, Souvik Paul and Adem Önalan

Ounce. Denim Supply, a brand and product set, for the denimhead subculture. Two products make up Ounce. Denim Supply's product line: the oz.kit and the oz.stand. The oz.kit is a pill-shaped wooden box with a brass lid, containing two glass bottles with nested measuring cups made out of brass, four marble stones, and storage compartments for the user's odds and ends. The bottles contain salt and baking soda, and vinegar - staples that denimheads use to clean their jeans in order to avoid using damaging detergents - and are refillable. The stones are used to weigh down jeans when they're soaking in the bathtub; their white color is meant to pick up the indigo dye over years of use, echoing and reversing the fading process of the jeans. The oz.stand is a furniture piece that highlights the centrality of denim to the denimhead lifestyle. [View project on Core77 Design Awards site]



Project Team: Qi Ziyun, Roya Ramezani, Nic Barajas (SVA IxD)

Yawnie is a smart product that helps people develop good sleeping habits. It tracks users' sleeping conditions and reminds them to go to bed on time by "infecting" them with yawns. In modern culture, improper sleep habits are sometimes a point of pride. However, too many people falter under pressure and suffer from lack of sleep, leading to poor health, low productivity, and depression. Yawnie capitalizes on the notion that yawning is contagious, and uses it to help improve the sleeping habits of its user. [View project on Core77 Design Awards site]



Janus Savings

PROJECT TEAM: Wan Jung Hung, Jonathan Lung, Souvik Paul


The Janus Savings platform is a financial platform in which low-income people who make below $35,000 a year can crowdsource their savings goals. Donations are made by wealthier members of the platform via credit card points and an optional "Save the Change" program, whereby individual purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the difference donated to a savings goal. Direct contributions to savings goals are also possible through the Janus Savings platform. Wealthier members of Janus Savings are incentivized to donate to savings goals of the lower-income cohort through the active tracking of tax incentives in the platform's online user interface. They can choose up to three savings goals to donate to by searching on the platform's online database for projects worth funding. [View project on Core77 Design Awards site]