This past fall we launched our first-ever "Open House Design Challenge"—offering a way to help an interested guest make their way to our annual Open House and Information Session event. This year's winner was Carly Hagins, who answered the prompt:


If Airbnb and Johnson & Johnson launched a new initiative together, what would it be?


And here's Carly's submission:

My proposal is an app-based service called 'Hospital-ity.' The service would allow people who need an in-patient procedure to choose to recuperate at a nearby home instead of in a hospital room. Just before the patient arrives at the home, an advance team from Johnson & Johnson would sterilize the space. That same team would return as often as necessary (at least once a day) throughout the recovery period. All of the available homes would be within a 2-mile radius of the hospital, making it easy for doctors and nurses to make house calls. Keeping hospital patients separated from each other could help reduce hospital-acquired infections (HCI's.) And the warmer, more 'cozy' home environment would keep patients relaxed, thus helping them get better, faster.


We reached out to Carly to reflect on her entry: "Pairing two seemingly disparate entities—in this case, Airbnb and Johnson & Johnson—is a classic mind bender. And it felt like it would demand the sort of thinking that is required in the SVA Masters in Products of Design program." She added, "And although my background is in industrial design, I've been doing a lot of graphic facilitation work lately. (Graphic facilitation is a form of visual storytelling, relying on sketches to rapidly explain and define ideas as they develop.) This style of sketching felt like a good fit for the Open House Challenge."

Congrats Carly, and we look forward to next year's challenge!