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Documenting the unique and secretive culture of Graffiti art has been something that Adam Fujita (Class of 2016) has wanted to do for years. And this past October, he and his producer Zack Dunn started the My Life In Letters podcast


"While I was working at, designer John Collery challenged me to 'tell my own graffiti history', but I thought that it was more important to tell the story of others first." (Adam was bit by the graffiti bug in the 80s, and by 1992 he was making his own graffiti; Zack Dunn, an experienced audio technician, has also been a fan of the culture for decades.) 

Since Adam has a unique window of access to some of the world's most celebrated and sought-after graffiti and street artists in the world, he is able to leverage those relationships to build the podcast. But his interests are manifold: "In the future, we'd like to grow the podcast by interviewing influential typographers, graphic designers, sign painters and bookmakers," Adam and Zack add. "We believe that anyone with a passion for making Letters—in any form—could make for a great interview!"

Adam is also doing a Sketchnote of each episode—to come out the same week as the episode; this week was EAST, and here's the first print below. (If you'd like to purchase this or future prints, check out Adam's Big Cartel store here: )

Finally, producer Zack Dunn (@uziego) made a Mix Tape of the music they used on the first 9 episodes. Check it out on Soundcloud here: