In advance of this year’s Design:Match job fair event, Class of 2016 student Adam Fujita created unforgettable mementos—sketchnotes based on research he did preparing for his meetings—for each of his interviewers. Here’s Adam in his own words:

"In preparation for this year’s event, I wanted to lead off each of my interviews highlighting my Sketchnoting. This has become a strong tool for me during my time in grad school— for documenting guest lectures, in-class discussions, or artifact presentations with my classmates. For me, sketchnoting has always been the best way to retain the dense amounts of information coming my way, and I wanted to illustrate how much I “think with my hands” to prospective employers. In this case, I used my Sketchnoting as a way to research the companies that I was meeting with. I documented my findings, then as a gift to our guests, I printed the individual Sketchnote on the backs of the résumés I was handing out. These turned out to be very warmly received, and I'm proud to say that they’ve been discussed and shared at several of the companies offices and headquarters."