The students of the MFA Products of Design department's New York Design Week project, ALSO!, has received a remarkable (and hugely appreciated) amount of press coverage for their efforts. Below is a list of mentions so far, and huge thanks to all the media outlets for their kind thoughts! (And thanks again to Kathryn McElroy for the great photos!)

The New York Times:
Going for the Remix

NY Design Week 2013: SVA Products of Design's ALSO! Project Offers a New Perspective on WantedDesign

ALSO exhibition by MFA products of design

School of Visual Arts Students Hack Wanted Design Show

Design Within Reach:
Also! at NYCxDesign

Also! at NYCxDESIGN.

MoCo Loco: 
VIDEO: ALSO! From School of Visual Arts' Products of Design Program 

Design Milk:
NYCxDesign 2013: WantedDesign Highlights [VIDEO]

ALSO! Project: School of Visual Arts (SVA)

And, of course, our own post on the MFA Products of Design Blog, as well as Faculty Coordinator Sinclair Smith's blog:

SVA PoD Blog:
Also! Goes Live During New York Design Week

Sinclair Smith + Company: 
Also! Project at Wanted Design

Finally, a few choice tweets:

Bradford Shellhammer, Chief Creative Officer at, @youngbradford:
@svapod at @wanteddesign was my favorite part @nycxdesign [Tweet]

Paola Antonelli, Chief Design Curatator at the Museum of Modern art and PoD faculty member, @curiousoctopus: NY Design Week: great installation by students of @svaPoD entitled ALSO! in the galleries of @WantedDesign: [Tweet]

Design Observer, @designobserverHow do we experience new design? Interact with these @svaPoD installations at @WantedDesign: #nydesignweek [Tweet]