The MFA Products of Design is deeply saddened by the loss of Faculty at Large and great friend Bill Moggridge, who died Saturday at the age of 69.

Bill was one of the very first advisors to the MFA program, helping to inform its pedagogy and approach. I am deeply appreciative of Bill’s enthusiasm for Products of Design; he was an early advocate and active faculty member—attending picnics, meetings, and orientations (the photo above is from the 2011 Open House and Orientation)—always with the brightest smile and the warmest heart.

It is heartbreaking that we have lost him right as we have just begun here, and although he is not able to participate in the inaugural year of the program, his imprint will be both lasting and treasured.

We mourn his passing, and will hold a dear thought for his family.

Visit the Cooper-Hewitt's Remembering Bill site here.