Although crying is a healthy, natural, and ancient way of expressing and processing both positive and negative emotions, modern society often regards tears as a sign of weakness and vulnerability, particularly in women. Clamor, a speculative new beauty brand conceived by designers Panisa Khunprasert and Louise-Anne van ’t Riet, seeks to restore dignity to tears with a line of ‘after-cry’ products that empowers women to embrace the catharsis of crying without shame or fear. 


“We want to restore dignity to tears.”

Clamor offers two products, each presented in sleek frosted resin cases: a set of brass pebbles for immediate treatment and a set of ceramic pebbles as a long-term remedy. The conductive brass pebbles are soaked in either hot or cold water and placed on the eyelids to reduce puffiness after crying. The ceramic pebbles are paired with essential oils extracted from cucumber, rose water, tea, potato, and milk—natural ingredients with healing properties—to treat dark and tired eyes over time.

“Clamor empowers women to embrace the catharsis of crying.”

Designed as part of Product, Brand, and Experience class, Clamor was the answer to the challenge of designing a product line to promote or support a social movement. Resolved to design a product to support individuals with addictions or psychological ailments, Panisa and Louise-Anne became intrigued by the use of crying sessions as therapy in Japan. Communal rui-katsu (‘tear-seeking’) sessions offer a space for people to gather to watch sad film clips and shed tears together. These sessions are reportedly cathartic, lowering stress levels and clearing the mind. Tokyo’s Misui Garden Hotel provides “crying rooms,” complete with sentimental movies and cashmere tissues. Public crying sessions are now emerging worldwide, with crying bars opening in London and China and many support groups offering dedicated crying sessions in the USA.

With its brand promise to dignify crying and uplift emotions, Clamor is positioned between therapy and indulgence and targets the high-end beauty market. The design of the brand communicates its characteristics: simple, elegant, and luxurious. The careful combination of polished metallic materials and matte frosted resin, geometric shapes and symmetrical organic forms is both minimalist and alluring. 



Clamor’s packaging uses watercolor prints inspired by the way tissue absorbs tears. Different colors indicate the temperature remedy (black) and the essential oil remedy (pink), creating a lovely and expressive display at the point of sale. 

“Clamor empowers women to ‘cry it out loud’ without shame or fear.”


Clamor’s launch campaign promotes the belief that crying should be seen as beautiful and courageous. Using the hashtag #cryitoutloud, a city-wide print campaign features women whose cheeks have been adorned with Clamor’s five natural ingredients. Finally, a brand video communicating Clamor’s brand personality will be shared on YouTube and via social media.