Designed by first-year student Antya Waegemann, Delight is a portable nightlight—shaped like an ice cream cone—with an LED dodecahedron "scoop" that emits a bright light, and a felt cone bottom for an easy soft grip. Paired with a clear plastic stand, it can easily adapt from hand-held to a bedside table or desk lamp.

Inside Delight is a battery pack, a small Arduino board, and a magnetic switch. When the cone is lifted out of the stand, the light is triggered on and the cone can be carried anywhere to light the way.


2018-01-09 09_26_45.gif

Antya offers that "instead of fumbling to find the light switch in the dark, or having to turn on lights that are just way too bright at night, the nightlight can live right by the bed, so that it's easy to pick and go. Other perks? Delight is the perfect accessory for ice cream lovers, a great way to get kids excited about walking to the bathroom at night or brushing their teeth, and can be built by anyone! (check out Antya's DIY instructions published on Instructables)

Further versions of the ice cream night light will take further advantage of Arduino programming: The light colors can change to reflect specific flavors, or programmed with a timer or alarm clock to set off different light settings in the morning or at night. 


Check out the video below!