[iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/55915402" width="100%" height="480"]

Both alluring object and experimental feast, Diptable debuted last night at the Products of Design studio. This video documents the gestural interactions of hungry guests with a surface that encourages drips and greasy fingers.

Classmates Gaïa Orain, Zena Pesta and Cassandra Michel inspired student Richard Clarkson to create the table as a final project for Claire Hartten's Design for Sustainability and Resilience class. The class empowers designers to make artifacts that champion sustainable food and agricultural practices, and to generate knowledge and capacity beyond dominant models of production, consumption and disposal. Orain, Pesta and Michel designed scrumptious bundles (dumplings, spanakopita, and handmade fig-brie wraps) as cues for messy snacking.