We are thrilled to celebrate the official launch of Double Take—a design studio founded by two Products of Design alums, Eden Lew and Josh Corn. Here's the pitch from their newly-born site:

As a transdisciplinary design studio, we aim to draw out the surprising and unfamiliar from the seemingly ordinary. Together with our clients, we work to create visual and technological experiments in branding, exhibition, and experiential design. With expertise ranging from initial strategy through to final production, we're fluent in multiple disciplines, equipping us to approach and assemble experiences from all angles. Whatever scale we're working at, whether a large public space or within the pages of a book, we're constantly experimenting with new ways to make audience take a second look.

Which is perfect, because before coming to Products of Design, Josh was a professional magician, and Eden Lew is indeed a mastermind.

***Make sure to look at "See Another Take" section of their site. So awesome.

Also, you might want to get in touch with them these ways:

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Finally, here's their launch video: