Metropolis Magazine's 30th anniversary issue (currently on stands) features Chair of MFA Products of Design, Allan Chochinov, in a Q&A with the magazine's Executive Editor, Martin C. Petersen. In the piece, Allan speaks on the birth of the program, the need for changing approaches to product design, and designers’ larger role as connective tissue, translating and communicating between a multitude of stakeholders and interests.

Here’s a quick taste:

What, or how, are you going to teach that’s different from object-based industrial design?

The program won’t start from the beginning. It will be making-based, but we’re looking for students who are experienced and skilled. I want to be open to people who have been practicing for a couple of years and might be disillusioned by what they’re making every day but haven’t given up on the power of design. We want to introduce them to notions of scale and systems and consequence so they can do more with their superpowers. And when you’re talking about design—even if it’s a brochure or an ad campaign—as soon as you make more than one of a thing, you’re no longer in the artifact business. You are in the consequence business. And that’s how we want students to begin looking at their work.

Read the full article online, and be sure to pick up a hard copy of the magazine, which features a slew of beautiful images of faculty work. As we gear up for next month’s Summer Program and the coming season’s information session and opening of applications, we’ll be sharing more and more with you about the program and its inner workings. Stay tuned!