Tickle Me Drake is an interactive Drake pillow inspired by the artist’s emergent influence on pop culture. Hug, pat, or stroke Drake and he will play comforting samples from his many hits including Hotline Bling, Marvin’s Room, and Best I Ever Had. Leave drake alone for more than 30 minutes at a time and he’ll play angry samples to try and get you to embrace him.


PillOVO is the first of a series of interactive pillows entitled "Hip-Hop Heads."  




"Nap time has never been so Rap time."


Love or hate his music, Drake is a cultural phenomenon and pop icon. His influence on mainstream culture has become so dominant, it’s hard to ignore. The PillOVO is a humorous manifestation of this cultural fascination—seeking to surprise, delight and entertain.

The pillow is made of Fleece and Cloth and manufactured using a combination of CNC embroidery and traditional machine sewing. Hidden inside the pillow is a small speaker placed just behind Drakes mouth. The speaker is attached to a circuit comprised of a capacitive touch sensor, Arduino and an audio fx sound board.

The capacitive touch sensor is wired to conductive thread that is sewn into areas of Drakes Hair and Beard. When the capacitive touch sensor is activated, the Arduino triggers one of 8 random pins on the audio fx sound board. Each pin has ten audio samples that are selected randomly when triggered. When the capacitive touch sensor hasn’t been activated for an extended period of time, the Arduino then triggers two separate pins loaded with alternative audio samples.

PillOVO is the first of a series of interactive pillows to be titled Hip-Hop Heads.