Designed by first-year student Zihan Chen, Lyft Learn is a speculative partnership between Lyft and Coursera—a service where the leading car share provider and the massive online class platform provides Lyft riders with free accesses to all online classes from Coursera whenever they are riding a Lyft—across the U.S.


"The time people spend inside a taxi is tremendous, and I wanted to leverage that time to a greater purpose," offers Zihan. "Ride sharing has experienced explosive growth during the past 3 years, and is completely transforming the taxi industry. Similarly, online education is transforming the way we learn, and changing the way we access knowledge. The two seemed a perfect match."


The designer adds, "When I reflected on my personal experience in a cab, I don't know what to do with the time. Sometimes I just stare out a window, or spend time on my phone browsing social networking apps. After Interviewing several users, I found out that almost everyone had the same problem: they ended up wasting the time—often from 15 to 50 minutes per ride! Secondary research, (including the report on the taxi industry from the government of the New York City, I realized that there was great potential to do something more during your ride."

Some graphic identity studies above.           

"Certainly if the project were to move further," Zihan adds, "serious user testing is a must. But I'm happy with the work so far—especially since this was just a 5-week class!"