Richard Clarkson's "Cloud" has been one of the runaway successes of Products of Design—inspired by Hurricane Sandy (which occurred during the 4th week of the very first year of the MFA program). As the initial product offering from Richard Clarkson's Brooklyn studio, the project has been a perennial internet hit, resulting in sales and commissions around the world—from to Russia to Taiwan.

Now, in collaboration with Crealev, Richard has introduced: Making Weather, a levitating cloud project. The project is a collaboration between the two companies—merging the innovative levitation technology developed by Crealev with the form and function of the original Cloud. 

Shown here is an initial prototype; a mid-size cloud that floats above a reflective oval base. Embedded into both the base and the Cloud are magnetic components that float the cloud a couple inches off the base. (The base connects to a standard power outlet; the cloud recharges with a lithium ion battery; together this allows the cloud to function while in the air. Comments Clarkson, "With full rotational movement and a slight vertical bobbing, the whole thank makes for a more realistic atmospheric effect." And similar to the original Smart Cloud, this floating cloud also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and sound-reactive LED lights.

The studio is working hard to bring the product to market, as several websites and social media have already given the device a lot of attention. We'll keep you posted!