The #MeToo Awareness Campaign was designed by student Eugenia Ramos Alonso for Making Studio. She wanted to highlight the frequency of the hashtag #MeToo and raise awareness of how common acts of sexual assault take place.


According to anti-sexual violence organization RAINN, a sexual assault crime takes place every 98 seconds in the United States—a startling statistic that Eugenia felt needed to be viewed in real-time. “The aim of this #MeToo Campaign is to take the movement from the intangible Internet into the public space, where it can circulate in a physical manner, in the hopes that #MeToo will not succumb to the perishable nature of the internet” she mentioned.


This project consists of two posters with LED lights that act as a tool to strengthen the message by sending a signal relaying live data. The LED lights in the exclamation points on the poster flicker in real-time whenever a #MeToo hashtag is posted on Twitter, thus giving the viewer a sense of how frequently the hashtag is used. Eugenia stated, “data isn’t up for interpretation, so it can be used as a powerful tool for designers to communicate realities to the public.”

Eugenia has also created an Instructables tutorial so that others can create a similar interactive communication tool for personal campaigns, messages or critiques.