During the upcoming spring semester, the entire student body of the MFA Products of Design program will be working with MoMA—the Museum of Modern Art—to create new products for their wholesale catalog, under the framework of “Gifting Design: MoMA + SVA Products of Design.”

Before the holiday break, MoMA's Chay Costello and Gabrielle Zola came to the department to kick off the project—taking the students through the unique history of the Museum, some of the business challenges and opportunities around MoMA's branded objects, and what it's like to steward the museum's wholesale catalog.

Here was the design brief for the students: "Designers are asked to address the theme: 'Gifting Design'—where they prototype and present a fresh take on artifacts and the MoMA brand, on the relationship between wholesale and retail, and on the nature, intent, and substance of gift-giving in the second decade of the new millennium."

Below are some snapshots of the first "design sprint" from last week—a speed-dating-style review of '100 ideas' that each of the students put together over the December break. Ready, set, go!