'Nightfall' is a wild fashion coat with an unexpected ability: it magically lights up as the surrounding light dims.


When the lights go down, 'Nightfall' magically lights up!


The coat was created by first year student (and first time Arduino user!) Ellen Rose in celebration of the repeal of New York City’s outdated Cabaret Law. "Whether you head out to [legally!] dance at a nightclub, or at an underground techno party, you’ll have the outfit for the occasion," the designer offers.

Ellen is a long-time maker and artist but Arduino was a new challenge for her, and creating ‘Nightfall’ and its circuitry gave her a new opportunity for showing others how to recreate the same project. It's now available as an Instructables tutorial.

“This was definitely a passion project; the kind of thing I’d daydream about while at work,” Ellen admits.

"Consumer products with embedded LEDs are ubiquitous and cheap, but wiring and coding them yourself gives you an added appreciation for the mechanisms and materials involved," she reflects.


To learn more about Ellen's work, visit her site at www.ellenhillrose.com.