Video Storytelling is a first-year course that introduces film as a powerful design tool and medium. Over the course of five weeks, students take their projects from initial script through storyboarding, pre-production, filming, and editing, culminating in an Oscar Night film premiere and award ceremony. The course not only offers the opportunity to take an existing project to the next level, but also equips students with the confidence to make video a more integral part of their design process.

Light Blues
by Josh Corn & Ailun Sai

A duel over available light in a dark office.

Product: Giant Blue LED lamp, operated by giant coin cell battery (Scale 25:1).

Welcome to Drake Land
by Oscar Pipson & Xumeng Mou

A young man is transported to a magical alternate reality without leaving his couch.

Product: Drake Pillow: Croons when caressed, nags when neglected.

by Andrea Cameron & Cody Pfleging

A story of discovery, joy, and puppy love, Wuff follows the adventures of a young woman desperate to have a dog in her life.

Product: Wuff is a service that offers the opportunity to spend time with puppies even if you can't own one.


Tippy: When Robots Dance
by Doug Fertig & Dayoung Hong

Watch what happens when you create a small dancing robot. Warning: The need to dance while watching this film will be so great that you are highly advised to watch it standing up.

Product: Tippy is a robot that makes you smile as its head moves up and down with in a tippy way.


Message in a Tin Can
by Alexa Forney & Julia Lindpaintner

When she can't be there to tuck her young son in herself, a mother finds a surprising way to tell him his bedtime story.

Product: A tin can phone for the digital age, with messages sent remotely through the app and delivered wirelessly.


Social Commuting
by Karen Vellensky & Jenna Witzleben

When New Jersey Transit transforms from a bleak and lonely experience to one full of interaction and communication, a young woman finds friendship where she least expects it.

Product: Making Connections by New Jersey Transit is an app to help fellow riders find like-minded people to encourage personal connection and foster conversation among commuters


The Memory Wallet
by Arjun Kalyampur & Will Lentz

A satirical take on forgetting to remember, The Memory Wallet follows one man's journey to get a cup of coffee following a raucous night out on the town.

Product: The Memory Wallet keeps track of your credit card, flashing a warning when it's missing.

Lumos Maxima by
Michael Kenney & Gahee Kang

Can thoughts become real? Does our imagination have an effect on our waking lives? Lumos Maxima explores whether our fears can manifest themselves in reality.

Product: Lumos Maxima is magic wand that will help ward off the monsters by turning on your lamp from across the room.