Outfit Forecaster, designed by first-year student Cody Fledging, is a wall-mounted display that indicates what articles of clothing are appropriate for that day's weather. Pulling weather data from the internet, it outputs that information in the form of LED-backlit graphics of iconic clothing and accessories.


"Maybe you want to make a quick run to the deli, or woke up late and don't have time to check the weather. Forecaster has you covered."


The current version of the device sports four symbols: Coat for chilly, Umbrella for rainy, Shorts for warm, and sunglasses for sunny (of course). Mounted to a wooden display board, the graphics are adhered to white plexiglass disks imbedded in the surface.


"Adafruit was an invaluable resource in creating this responsive display," commented Cody. "I was able to identify, purchase, solder, test and troubleshoot the board (ESP8266). Since I would need to connect my product to the internet, Adafruit also provided me with numerous project tutorials employing similar techniques.

"One such tutorial describes how to create IFTTT 'recipes' that collect data and then push it to an Adafruit IO account. So my Arduino code looked to Adafruit IO to receive any updated weather data created as a result of my IFTTT recipe. The LEDs of the display then light up according to this transmission of data."

For those who want to try their hand at the project, Cody has posted an Instructable here, but cautions that he's still cleaning up the code to make sure all the symbols light up appropriately.