Company/Organization: Philosophie

Number of employees: 10

Tell us a little bit about your company/org. How are you disrupting your industry?

Philosophie works with startups and ad agencies to create usable, beautiful, and meaningful digital experiences. We build bespoke web, social, and mobile applications. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and engaging solutions on-time and on-budget. What differentiates us from a number of our counterparts is that we work with both startups and ad agencies and try to infuse the different cultures into our work.


What’s next for your company/organization?

We are based in LA and I just moved to NYC to start our office out here. So that’s one thing. We also are hoping to work with more established startups and hopefully make a lasting impact on their businesses and brands.

If you could study anything at SVA, what would you study?

Product design. I studied design and photography growing up, but I think we are having a transition back to the physical world. I think the convergence of physical products + digital executions (a la Nike Fuelband) is a really exciting next step.

What do you love about New York?

The energy. Late nights. Falafels. Pizza. Intensity.

Who are your heroes in real life?

This changes monthly. Big fan of Tony Hsieh for pushing happiness + company culture. Steve Jobs (boring answer, I know). Mark Zuckerberg for continuing to see out his vision, turning his back on lots of money and continuing to live humbly.

What is your motto?

Make it better.