Company/Organization:Fonderie 47

Number of employees: 3 (but I’m the only one in the studio)

Tell us a little bit about your company/org. How are you disrupting your industry?

Fonderie 47 offers a new conception of luxury, one that results from exceptional people applying their courage, creativity, and craft to transform destruction into prosperity. We work with some of the world’s great artists, designers, and craftspeople to create fine jewelry, timepieces, and other accessories from AK47s removed from circulation in Africa. Through the acquisition of our pieces, our collectors fund the destruction of more assault weapons in Africa. This summer, we will destroy our 15,000th weapon.

What’s next for your company/organization?

We are launching two new important design collaborations this summer, which will produce remarkable new pieces for us. We are unveiling these through private events around the world and continuing to add remarkable people to our list of collectors. We are also closing a funding round for the venture.

If you could study anything at SVA, what would you study?

I had training as a filmmaker many years ago, but that was before the world went digital. So I’d probably study photography and film to learn new tools and techniques.

What do you love about New York?

The density of talented people, and the pressure to do really great work.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Maxillian Busser, who sacrificed a lot in order to create a company that makes wonderful and beautiful horological machines.

Allan Chochinov, because he’s managed to remain a Canadian family man at heart while making many great things happen for many years in New York City.

Jerri Chou, because she doesn’t give up.

What is your motto?

Don’t worry about mottoes. Just do the work.