Company/Organization: Kollabora, Inc.

Number of employees: 5 and growing!

Tell us a little bit about your company/org. How are you disrupting your industry?

The creative hobby industry has become a bit dusty over the years and has failed to adopt the social web. Where do you go when you want to pursue a creative hobby, be inspired, and learn something? And where do you buy the supplies? People discover something that triggers them to be creative in a magazine, on a blog, on Pinterest. Then, most crafters and makers have to go to brick and mortar stores, mostly big retail chains to get materials, or go to different websites. There are many checkouts and stores to find a list of let’s say ten items. After that you have to figure out the instructions and techniques, which usually prompts you to go to YouTube. The current market is fragmented and it’s tedious for the person interested in making something, to find everything easily. Our core concept is to match projects with supplies, which will be shipped to you via a one stop shop. We decided to consolidate it and offer the full circle of crafting and put everything in context with each other: inspiration (projects), learning (instructions and techniques), supplies (all the materials needed), and sharing your projects to get feedback and recognition.

For example: If you decide to knit a cardigan, we provide the picture of the finished project, the knitting pattern, the techniques (e.g. How to cast on, how to knit and purl, etc.) and a list of supplies (yarn, needles, buttons) that you can customize (change color, take out needles) and order to your doorstep. If you have questions or get stuck, just go straight to the project and ask other members that are working on it. And when you’re finished, upload a picture so others can get inspired by you and tell you how talented you are. We launched an invite-only platform with three communities: Sewing, knitting, jewelry making. Check it out at!

What’s next for your company/organization?

We’ll be launching the public version in September, that’s huge! Over the next few months and year we’ll be rolling out more communities (woodworking, electronics, paper) as well as including more features for users, making sure we offer content that’s relevant for our members.

If you could study anything at SVA, what would you study?

Products of Design

What do you love about New York?

All the smart and inspiring people with their crazy ideas and projects.

Who are your heroes in real life?

People who take care of homeless people.

What is your motto?

I have a few! Don’t ask for permission. Just do it. Give the benefit of the doubt. Follow your gut feeling. Help others. Be honest. Stick to your values. Change your mind!