Company/Organization:Caerus Assciates

Tell us a little bit about your company/org. How are you disrupting your industry?

Caerus is a strategy and design firm working at the intersection of strategic design and conflict/post-conflict environments—we help develop services for communities, governments and enterprises that help make unstable, conflict-torn places safe, livable, and thriving. We are currently working to apply low tech mapping services that generate valuable, locally relevant information.

What’s next for your company/organization?

Mostly Africa and North Africa. Libya. Mali. Liberia. Nigeria. et al.

If you could study anything at SVA, what would you study?

We'd work across departments (interaction, products of design, social innovation, visible futures lab) to apply design to our most challenging problems—visualizing and understanding conflict, breaking down institutional boundaries, giving communities more autonomy.

What do you love about New York?

Density. People. Density of People.

Who are your heroes in real life?

People who have taken it upon themselves to negotiate the improvement of their communities without violent conflict.

What is your motto?

From Complexity, Opportunity.