A the start of the second MFA Products of Design thesis presentations, aptly named "SE2OND" (Allan gives more of an explanation at the 11-minute mark), chair Allan Chochinov welcomes guests, talks about the philosophy and process of the the department's unique approach to the thesis, and provides thanks to the many people who made the projects possible. 

"So how do we negotiate all of these challenges, and all of these abstract, meta-materials? Well, it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward: We work at it. We do research, and observation. We use deduction, induction, abduction. We consult with subject matter experts and co-create with our users. We construct speculative futures as a way to interrogate boundaries, limits, even moralities—maybe especially moralities. 

And we use magic. Nobody in the business world wants to hear about it, and perhaps nobody in the design world wants to own up to it, but even George Nelson, that most famous modernist design practitioner, said that 'Design is not a science, and never will be.' I really love this quote. And the mysterious Robin Matthew said that 'Design is where science and art break even.' How wonderful is that."