In addition to our dedicated faculty and progressive curriculum, Products of Design is thrilled to offer another important asset to its students—a sustainably designed, state-of-the-art place in which to do all of their design making, thinking and doing. Under the direction of Andrea Steele Architect, the program is currently building out a 5,800 square-foot space that will house classrooms, a lounge/cafe/kitchen stocked with industrial-grade equipment, communal and individual work areas, and event space.

Expecting a wide gamut of student backgrounds, we've designed customizable desks that feature switchable surface “tiles” that allow students to match working surfaces to whatever material fits their project and process best—be it cutting mat, masonite, corian, wood, Lego, or any other material. We’ve got ample bike storage, rendering and video stations. And we've consulted with folks from an array of disciplines to bring you a food area that will lend itself to both quick group or solo meals and more in-depth work around food design and presentation.

Alongside the department will be our 3,800 square-foot making space, the Visible Futures Lab, housing laser cutters, 3D printers, MakerBots, ShopBot, a full electronics lab and craft studio, along with woodworking and metalworking machines, Arduino, soldering and sewing stations.

All in all, we're committed to affording our students all the tools they'll need to make their ideas reality.

Take a look at a few of our architectural renderings below for a taste of what's to come in the Products of Design space! (Click the images for expanded views.)