To celebrate the launch of this website, I thought it only fitting that the first blog post recognize the design team who made it all happen. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Berkeley-based Tomorrow Partners, their entire staff, and their fantastic development crew. Tomorrow created the program identity, strategy, architecture and site design, and it's been an amazing experience to work with them. In addition to the graphic elements you see displayed here, they also contributed a ton of conceptual texture to the framing of the program, as well as some wonderful writing, editing, and overall clarity-making.

In particular, I'd like to thank Gaby Brink and Nathalie Destandau, two of Tomorrow's partners, for jumping in with such immediate and unconditional enthusiasm for the project, and for providing creative direction and strategy with such professionalism and ease. I'd also like to thank the core team on the project, in particular Andy Baron, Alex Styc, Natalie Linden, Tofer Moran, and Michelle van Houten. Their passionate commitment to this project—both in labor and in love—was so affirming that I can't imagine having gone through this process with any other team.

As with any new site, we'll be making tweaks and fixes here and there, and will soon be preparing some special content to help you get to know the faculty a little bit better. For today though, it's all Tomorrow.

I am deeply grateful.