Transform Symposium 2011
September 11–13, 2011
Rochester, MN

Chair of MFA Products of Design Allan Chochinov will be speaking at Transform Symposium 2011, presented by Mayo Clinic—the world's largest and first integrated nonprofit medical practice. Allan's talk, titled "Connective Tissue: What's a Designer to Do" will address the increasingly holistic role that the next generation of designers will take on and its importance to the world of healthcare. This generation will augment previous definitions ascribed to designers; they will serve as the connective tissue of our built environment, by translating between stakeholders, reframing problems, revealing opportunities and championing systemic change. Faculty members Jay Parkinson and Helen Walters, and faculty member-at-large John Thackara will also be presenting talks at the symposium. 
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More on the event from Mayo Clinic:

This premier multidisciplinary event focuses on innovations and designing solutions to transform the experience and delivery of health care. We expect the audience of approximately 1,000 attendees from around the world to participate in person — thousands more will engage online. There will be ample opportunities for networking and collaborations, numerous surprises, and incredible talks from world renowned experts in their field.

Our audience will be a dynamic mix of innovators, leadership and decision makers from health care organizations, information technology, Web 2.0, policy makers, designers, and entrepreneurs across many fields that touch health care; and thought-provoking spaces that are not—but perhaps should be—part of the conversation.