On Saturday, November 8th, the MFA in Products of Design department held its 2014 Open House and Information Session. Following a review of the program pedagogy and founding principles by Chair Allan Chochinov, various faculty discussed their individual course goals and curricula. At the close of the session, a group of current students discussed student life and what it's like to be a Products of Design student, and a second panel of alumni reflected back on their experiences in the program and how that informed and equiped their current professional careers.


Below are the videos from the event, along with snapshots of the day!

VIDEO 1:In this video, Chair of the MFA Products of Design Department introduces the day, gives brief talk on the current state of design, and goes into detail about the philosophy and unique properties of the graduate program.

VIDEO 2:In this video, viewers are guided through the details of the current curriculum, meeting various faculty who introduce their courses and talk about their objectives for the class.

VIDEO 3: Meet the Students. Meet the Graduates.In this video, current students and recent graduates of the MFA Products of Design Department discuss the experience of the program, what the courses are like, and how the program helps students transition to professional practice after they graduate.

 Snapshot from the event below!