As the semester (and first year!) came to a close, the inaugural class of the MFA Products of Design program solidified their plans for the upcoming summer months. The list of companies, organizations, projects, camps!, and all manner of design enterprise and engagement is broad and deep; below is a sampling of what the students will be up to before next September rolls around again:

Interning at Frog Design, defining and designing products and experiences; Interning at MakerBot, working on a new non-profit aimed at high school education; Constructing and executing a month-long visual storytelling project at Etsy headquarters in New York; Interning at Lippencott, working on brand strategy, prototype design and development, environmental branding and communication systems; Interning at Mother New York as a design strategist; Interning at the American Museum of Natural History in exhibition design; Working on projects for Microsoft in design research on the future of health, and a documentary film about design;; Working as Designer-in-Residence at a neuroscience research lab affiliated with NYU; Working with the nonprofit SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises), traveling to Rwanda to meet with SHE and Nike GirlHub; Working as brand ambassador for London-based designer Orla Kiely's first U.S. store, helping the company expand within the American market; Manufacturing 12 chairs in New Zealand to fulfill retail orders placed throughout the year; Guest lecturing at Victoria University; Starting an independent studio; Providing user experience and product innovation consulting for a medical device company; Working as Domain Director at Beam Camp, curating and collaborating on the development of week-long summer workshops with over 50 artists and designers; Interning with Jono Pandolfi Ceramic design; doing freelance graphic design work for Rutgers University NCAA; Working for Benjamin Critton Art Department; Working for Birsel + Seck in Istanbul; Freelancing for Bullett Magazine