As the second year students round the bend into their third month of thesis work, they have found that naming their thesis—right from the second week!—has been a fruitful way to understand their area of inquiry and surfacing their unique point of view. The following names are sure to yet change and evolve, but they do provide a nice glimpse into some of the inquiry:

Presence: How to Use Digital Technology to Live a More Analog Life, by Kathryn McElroy 

Mixing with Synantropes: Exploration of Humans and Non-Human Animals’ Co-Existence in an Urban Environment, by Rona Binay

Hacking the Orchestra of Life: The Benefits of Harvesting Ambient Energy, by Damon Ahola

The End., by Matthew Barber

Organic Manufacturing: Rethinking the Way we Make Things, by Willy Chan


In the Running: Keeping Your Head and Heart Active in a Sedentary World, by Emi Yasaka

Super: An investigation of the remarkable in the Constructed Environment, by Richard Clarkson

Fashion Conscious: The Practices and Prejudices of Fashion Mass Production, by Mansi Gupta

Whateverest. Reharnessing Peer Pressure to Overcome Apathy, by Charlotta Hellichius

Lucid: Technology and the Scales of Seeing, by Clay Kippen

Mindfulness 3.0: Demystifying Mindfulness and Designing New Strategies for Accessible Participation, by Cassandra Michel

Around: Accessing Relief and Engagement in the Built Environment, by Samantha Moore

The Talk: Facilitating Healthy Conversations About Sex, Before Sex, by Gaïa Orain

Partnership Creation; Neotney is Needed: Why Morale, Momentum & Measure Help Us Navigate a Landscape of Possibilities, by Zena Pesta

The Art of Lesson Design: Supporting the Process Work of Teachers, by Joseph Weissgold