Bill Cromie

Director of Emergent Technology,
Blue Ridge Labs



Bill Cromie is one of the cofounders of Blue Ridge Labs at Robin Hood, a non-profit technology incubator in Brooklyn that helps incredible people build products for underserved communities and people. Prior to founding the labs, Bill was serial tech entrepreneur, CTO and cofounder of Selectable Media, sold to Meredith Media and  At Robin Hood, Bill consults on a number of projects, including an SMS based communications platforms for benefits access, Criminal Justice reform, and strategies to leverage technology in the non-profit ecosystem.

Bill grew up on the South Side of Chicago, graduated from NYU with degrees in Economics and Philosophy, lives in Brooklyn, and likes to tinker with Arduinos and woodworking in his spare time. Bill spends a good chunk of his summer out at Black Rock City Nevada, where he leads Burningman’s GPE mentors team, training hundreds of new volunteers each year.

BA in Philosophy and Economics, New York University


Business Modeling