Marko Manriquez

Marko Manriquez

Technology Manager & Digital Sherpa, MFA Products of Design



Hello World!

I'm Marko. 
Nice to meet you.
I've been Systems Administrator here since the first day,
and it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since.
I think of myself more as a helpful guide rather than hardcore techie.
You can call me a digital sherpa.

I’m a tinker of bits and atoms,
an aspiring woodworker,
a part-time foodie, 
a four season cyclist,
a carefree swimmer,
a plant whisperer,
an obsessive hot sauce maker and enthusiast, 
equally dabbling
in Abelton or Arduino
or Photoshop and Python. 
Feel free to say hi!

MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University
BA, Media, University of California, San Diego