Futuring and Speculative Design

Faculty: Sinclair Smith




Futuring and Speculative Design is a fourth semester class that helps students develop traditional 3D product designs that instantiate the central argument(s) of their thesis. The class uses the future as its frame of reference and asks students to imagine how the phenomena that they have uncovered in their thesis research will unfold in the future and to imagine how they can meet those behavioral criteria and demands with three dimensional product propositions. Students draw on their experiences in Making, Smart Objects, Branding, Design Performance and Design Delight to explore where and how in an increasingly digital world three dimensional artifacts will continue to create value for humanity. 3DPD2’s approach moves through three phases: deep futuring, near futuring and presenting. As students reel their wild explorations back into the present, they hone a product concept that is ready for an unforeseeable future, but meets the functional, aesthetic and philosophical demands of today.