Seminar I

Faculty: Allan Chochinov 




The Seminar class concentrates on the "softer" skills of being a design student and becoming a design professional. The on-ramping into the first year of the program is very intense, and Seminar creates a safe environment to talk about the student experience and the changes that take place as they progress through the program. 



The Seminar class has no homework. Rather, it is a place to discuss both personal challenges along with contemporary issues in design. In the first semester, we concentrate on studio citizenship -- of effective ways of taking part in the studio experience, in classes, in group project meetings, and during time off. We then delve into time management and effective getting-things-done methodologies. We provide actionable methodologies for keeping up with news and contemporary issues in design via multiple media, and round out the semester discussing and providing detailed tutoring on portfolio development, content management and optimization, project documentation, and publication. Finally, we help students learn about how to effectively work with the media. 

In the second semester, we concentrate on writing articulately about the students' work and critiquing the work of their peers. We discuss design competitions, advanced presentation skills and techniques, and on professional practice, morality, and point of view. 



Students in this course will come away with a set of tools to:

  • Create robust homework workflows and habits
  • Design and populate a portfolio from the start of the program
  • Work effectively and honorably with the media
  • Set up behaviors and technologies to stay abreast of contemporary design and design issues
  • Build a moral compass around the graduate design education experience and professional practice