Thesis Presentation

Faculty: Allan Chochinov




Whether telling a tale through text, video, audio or other medium, knowing how to engage an audience and make a clear argument is crucially important to making an impact and producing a lasting effect. In this course, each student will be assisted in defining a presentation that effectively communicates the message at the heart of the thesis.



The work performed in this class represents a culmination of the MFA program. It will therefore be oriented not only toward completing a major project, but also embodying the knowledge and strategies students have learned during the past two years. The objectives of the thesis are manifold—from rigorous process and execution to comprehensive documentation and dissemination—but the ultimate goal of the thesis is to help the student become a powerful, confident, and capable design thinker, maker, and leader. The thesis provides the context to become expert; to engage with a specific sphere of the professional world; to establish contacts that will be long lasting; and to make a significant contribution to the world of design that will be a point of pride for both the student as well as the department and school. 



This class will be conducted as a seminar with student updates, presentations, and rehearsals followed by group discussions.



Students in this course will come away with a set of tools to:

  • Sharpen oral presentation skills
  • Present a compelling talk with supporting materials
  • Sharpen critical skills in offering commentary on the work of fellow students
  • Work as a group in determining and executing the final presentation format for the projects
  • Reconcile the objective demands of design engagement with the students’ personal point of view
  • Create a final set of process documents, prototypes, and written and oral documentation