There's tons going on here at Products of Design (and outside of Products of Design!), so every week we send out a "digest" email to share the latest course news, guest lectures, field trips, books, and interesting links. We thought it would be fun to post yesterday's email to the department blog—as you can see there is LOTS going on next week! Take a peek:


Digest #89: September 23, 2016

"Shorter-lived than flowers or the beauty of youth, those two primary examples of the relation of beauty to time, the rainbow localizes in its sudden disappearance, just as in its rare and unexpected arrival, the basic fact that beauty visits, never stays." - from Wonder, the Rainbow, and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences by Philip Fisher, p. 35-36

New in the PoD Library, h/t to Josh for sharing your thesis research with us!



  • Second Years: Please note that Thesis I is starting early at 9:30am on Monday 9/26 and will end at its regular time.

  • First Years: Your Monday 9/26 Design, Research, and Integration class is hosting a Women Veterans Discussion Panel in the department.

  • Second Years: Your next Product, Brand, Experience class on 9/27 will meet offsite at the Aruliden offices.

  • First Years: Your first Studio Visit destination is the SIMS Municipal Recycling Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn! Please see notes in the calendar, map to follow. Thursday 9/29 at 1pm.



  • On Tuesday we are hosting the New York Book Launch Party for LEAP DIALOGUES: Career Pathways for Design in Social Innovation. We've got a super-special "performance" of the dialogs starting at 8pm; you won't want to miss it

  • Wednesday is a Salad Wednesday! Your ticket to join is a salad ingredient and enough of it to feed at least 4 people. For example, you might bring 2 cans of garbanzo beans, or a bag of arugula, or 3 tomatoes (to slice). Some healthy ideas here. We’ll have some surprise visitors joining us for lunch (hint: "It's not easy being green")

  • Friday is our first Fall Lecture Series speaker, the incredible Neri Oxman from MIT. This lecture is public—but sold out :(

  • Second Years: A great time to start thinking about the Alumni Scholarship Awards (don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time)

  • Students from Tecnológico de Monterrey in will be visiting the studio on Thursday. Please say hello if you see them!



  • Need a quiet place to sit outside and read/write/sketch/breathe? Try Cafe Grumpy’s courtyard, right around the corner. FYI, no wifi/laptop usage allowed (can actually be a good thing)

  • Last chance to RSVP for Brooklyn's New Lab Grand Opening tomorrow, Saturday 9/24. (See last week’s digest for details)

  • Maker Faire is coming! October 1 & 2 at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows





Thanks for sharing your sketches from Kevin Henry's workshop, Alexa

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  • This isn't true perspective drawing, but for those you who may be keen on isometrics, take a peek at this cool Skillshare course

  • New forms of consumer guilt: How our desire to own things changes when they are connected

  • What’s the real cost?

  • (And, on a more positive note) here’s the best news you don’t know



Wanna know what almost-15-year-olds are watching right now? They're watching this.  (h/t Bronwyn)


Have a great weekend!

Alisha, Marko and Allan