James Wynn

Vice President, Relationships



James Wynn is a partner and Vice President at SYPartners—a firm steeped in the belief that transformation of individuals, teams, and institutions requires equal parts empathy, aspiration, and a bravery to act. Because the art of transformation requires many different perspectives, the firm consists of strategists, psychologists, leadership development experts, designers, and application developers. SYPartners has offices in New York and San Francisco.

SYPartners Consulting’s work has been recognized in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, and Fortune Magazine for its uniquely human-centered approach. The firm fuses systems thinking and creativity to help organizations in times of seismic change—the formulation of a new business strategy, a merger or acquisition, the rise of a new CEO, the evolution of a brand, the return-to-greatness journeys after an industry shock.

Prior to joining SYPartners, James was a Brand Director for Remy Martin, where he oversaw the 300-year-old company’s flagship product, Louis XII. He also had P&L responsibility for three national product launches, leading the company into the fastest growing category in the industry. Previously, James was Retail Director for Porsche Design USA, where he grew the retail operation into the company’s highest sales volume globally. James began his career with Dynamic Diagrams LLC in London, a pioneering firm in the emerging field of information architecture and information design.

MBA, Columbia Business School
BFA, Rhode Island School of Design



Systems, Scale and Consequence